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Jared Sais - CEO/Founder

Jared, a native New Yorker, became an entrepreneur at the age of 20 as he created Wiz+Kid Tutoring to help students on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, the neighborhood he so fondly grew up in. Today, Wiz+Kid Tutoring serves schools and students not only throughout the tri-state area, but worldwide, virtually and in-person. Diagnosed with dyslexia at a young age, Jared dedicated his adult life to revamping education to enhance the effectiveness of educators and ultimately making it easier and more inviting for students to learn. Utilizing his expertise in the art of teaching and non-verbal communication, Jared's years of complex research resulted in a masterfully crafted teaching philosophy that combines multi-dimensional learning with unique strategies specially designed to help every child fulfill his or her potential. Jared's revolutionary techniques empower and encourage students by facilitating the comprehension of rather complex and lengthy academic material in a decreased amount of time. Jared utilizes stress reducing techniques to make learning enjoyable rather than another chore for the student.  Wiz+Kid Tutoring services revolve around these techniques that both compliment and supplement traditional education to improve test scores, school acceptance rates and overall student confidence. In addition, students have experienced reduced school-related anxiety and depression creating a positive ripple effect in the lives of their families as well. Jared's students have reached incredible educational achievements, but what leaves Jared with the greatest source of pride is seeing his students excited to learn and grow as brilliant individuals that will help make the world a better place for everyone.


Harry Lopez - it & Ops Specialist

Harry Lopez is our Information Technology/Operations Specialist. He graduated from The University at Buffalo with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Harry currently works at a Consulting Firm, specializing in the creation of websites, applications, and custom business solutions. There he supports the staff with day to day operations as well as supporting and maintaining their IT Infrastructure.  The skills he's acquired have made him a unique asset to our company, allowing him to fulfill various roles for our corporation. Harry is enthusiastic and energetic, working hard to help the individuals he meets in both his professional and personal life. 


Andrei Amarov - Linguistics specialist

Andrei is a linguist (French, Russian, & English) and an entrepreneur from Paris. Andrei is an experienced Sorbonne educated (Foreign Languages, Literature, and International Trade) private full-time tutor and dialect coach, with several years of experience.

After years of study in France-- mastering the French language, history language and culture-- Andrei decided to move to NYC and share his passion for languages with the world.

Since launching his company “Elite French Tutoring” in 2012, he has helped countless professionals and language aficionados improve their language skills.

Sharing the same values, expertise and professionalism, he wholeheartedly joined the Wiz+Kid Tutoring team as a cog in the wheel of what students require for their success and achievement.

Andrei’s lessons focus on : Conversation Practice, Expressions, Pronunciation, Accent Reduction, Grammar, and Reading. He is a true Parisian with the expertise to equip you with the tools to become a fluent French speaker, with the French touch.