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I got a four on the math test, the science test, and the ELA test! The results were just posted today!
— 4th Grade Student, PS9
My son who loves math was quickly drawn in by Jared’s problem solving skills. We started working with Jared and we have embarked on a road of success filled with fun, games, challenges and skillful strategy. My son Christian has embraced math in a refreshing way. Every where he goes, he sees numbers, equations and angles. Christian can calculate numbers quickly and solve problems amazingly fast. He stelt. Christian is a fourth grader working on a 6-7 grade level. Jared is a must. I have recommended Jared to every parent I know. He has a way of meeting kids where they are and taking them on a magical journey of math via the hobbies, gifts and talents.
— Karen, Client – New York, New York
Jared is a true gem. He has always been positive and supportive of my son and his progress without being too lenient. He sympathizes and is compassionate, but will always urge him to work his hardest. Jared takes his work as a tutor personally, and is consequently striving to be the best at what he does. He is energetic, innovative and motivating. He is a brilliant teacher, but also understands and has strategies for children who may have a harder time learning in a traditional way. He grew up in Manhattan and understands the specific structure of NYC public and private schools; he understands the challenge of finding a school that fits a child’s needs, and the grueling application process.
I would highly recommend Jared as someone who will help turn your child’s educational career from a negative experience, to one that is positive and efficient.
— Jane, Client – New York, New York
Jared makes math easy and fun. I have a hard time understanding math in school but Jared makes me get it and I feel smart.
— Jimmy, Student – New York, New York
Our son has worked with Jared over the past 2 years, first as a tutor and then as a camp participant in his summer program as well. Academically, our son has gone from confused and lacking confidence in math to making Principals Honor not only in math but also in all his subjects. This dramatic turnaround attests to Jared’s skill as a tutor and mentor to young people. Jared even tutored me for the GRE’s! As an only child, our son adores Jared as a kind, caring, excellent example of what he can grow up to be. We’re so blessed to have Jared in our lives.
— Mel, Client – New York, New York